Securi-LID is a aluminium roller shutter load body cover. Its QUICK and EASY to lock away your load.

Strength and durability make the Securi-LID the perfect solution to covering and protecting your precious and valuable load.

  • Securi-LID interlocks into the tailgate through a grip lock latch securing your tailgate..
  • Securi-LID roller shutter system allows for accessibility from all sides.
  • Securi-LID is mounted on top of the loadbox giving you maximum loading capacity.
  • Securi-LID's intergrated channel on theside rails accommodates for the mounting of accessories.
  • Securi-LID's hardy spring operated mechanism offers you a 3year warranty.
  • New and existing Roll/Sportsbars can be modified to mount on top of the Securi-LID.

Securi-LID is supplied and installed on most commercial vehicles, kindly contact us to discuss your requirements.