Bicycle and Roof Racks

The Hanging Rack

The Holdfast Hanging Rack bike carrier is a quick and easy to use 3 or 4 bike carrier that mounts directly onto the ball of your tow-bar

The Platform Tilt

The Boot Carrier

The Platform ( non-tilt)

The Wheelie

The Snap on lite

The Platform Sport - 4 bike

The Holdfast Platform is a tow bar mounted bike carrier built for function and durability. It’s simple design ensures that there is ample space between bikes so that mounting is easy and painless. The lockable arm gives you that peace of mind when grabbing a coffee or lunch

The Platform Sports Tilt Ebike

The SA2018 4 Bike

The Holdfast SA2018 is the new and improved version of the SA2000, an old and faithful rear mounted carrier that has stood the test of time. Durable and super strong