Fact – carbon dioxide in the air and the sun’s harmful uv rays attack a new vehicles paint as soon as the newly built vehicle comes off the production line and into the light.

What is the primary function of paint protection:

To prevent Oxidation and chalking, minimising the effects of Industrial fallout, minimising the effects of acid rain and pollution! Protecting against the effects of ultra violet rays as well as inhibiting against surface rust, minimising effects of bird droppings and tree resin.

MOTORSHIELD is an approved PROTEXSA applicator with the following areas of the vehicle being covered:

  • Exterior Paintwork including windows and lights.
  • Interior Scotchgarding of upholstery and carpeted areas.
  • Leather and vinyl treatment including door panels and dashboard.


What is SCOTCHGARD and LEATHER/VINYL treatment:

The resistance of everyday stains – coffee, mud, ice cream etc the SCOTCHGARDING repels the spillages by beading up for blotting away with an absorbent cloth. The Leather and Vinyl treatment retains the colour and soft feel especially leather upholstery, promoting longer life for fabric. The PROTEXSA APPLICATION comes with a 3year guarantee with no treatment needed for the period of 3years unlike competitor products.